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Dolphins and Nature  


Other fun places

These are not dolphin locations (they are here) but other areas of interest which might get ignored in the dolphin excitement. Visit the small towns, including Beauly (fancy shopping) and Muir of Ord. Do not forget the Glen Ord distillery(website) or Glen Morangie a little to the north.

Black Isle Brewery - It is a brewery, it is on the Black Isle, dolphin spotting makes you thirsty, you work it out. (website)

Black Isle Wildlife Park - I have not visited this attraction and I understand it looks a bit lack lustre from afar, but once you are in I also understand it is friendly and good young family fun, worth a visit. (website).

Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie - A wooded glen with waterfalls. A path is easily followed from the car park up stream into the woods. (Please note: bridge crossing at the far end is still missing so you must retrace your steps)

Caledonian canal entry to the Moray on the edge of Inverness - This is not strictly on the Black Isle but on the opposite bank of the Moray, a view over the waters. (A good walk but try the East bank of the canal and follow to the narrowing point where there is a weir, oh yes and do it anti-clockwise).

The start of the Caledonian Canal


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