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Dolphin friendly links

WDCS - Dolphin and Whale Conservation This has links to the sites in Scotland. Examine the regional centres.

Dolphin Care has a section dedicated to the Moray Firth in addition to other sites in the UK including the South coast and Cornish Dolphins

A bit more on Cornish Cetacea on the Wildlife Trust site.

Want to adopt a dolphin? try here! oh yes and here both good sites. The latter a WDCS site.

There are Welsh dolphins too, see the Cardigan Marine Wildlife centre.

Here is the Friends of Moray Firth Dolphins site.

And the University of Aberdeen field station.

If you want more Dolphin sites they are not hard to find. For example here.


Photgraphic Links

Disappointingly these are not always around that long. However people have captured some really good images. Irritatingly in one case the day we left Scotland when previously they had steadfastly refused to jump for my camera, I have a plethora of dorsal and tail fins, grrrrr! Quite frankly there are a lot of photos around, a number locked away in photographic websites.

Start with Flikr, the site search with terms is here. Or search Flikr here if the previous search link fails. I would use the search terms, Dolphins Moray, Dolphins Scotland, or Dolphins Rosemarkie. I am sure their are other pictures I have missed. Check other photo sites, there are plenty out there.

Charlie Phillips always seems to be taking pictures there! So here is his site, plenty of very nice images.

Both a good photographic site and general information can be found on Peter Asprey's site (a bit like our sort of approach).

Stuart Gould has a nice general photographic site with some good dolphin pics.

Anyone else to be included? Than tell me by email or form.

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