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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.
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Dolphins and Nature  


Stroll around Chanonry point

The dolphins are not the only sights. To see more I would recommend a walk around the peninsular. You can walk into Fortrose and get yourself a snack and do a little shopping. There is a good antique shop (with quirky hours) and a good gallery for art and jewelry.

Walk (see map and red dotted path below)- The start is from the car park at the point. To get there, drive through Fortrose (West to East) and by a police station (on the left) turn right. This takes you downhill across a golf links to a car park by a jetty, near the lighthouse at the point.


After first admiring the view to Fort George (above) on the opposite bank of the Moray, you start by walking along the pebbled spit past the lighthouse to the point. Head towards Rosemarkie with the lighthouse on your left. Soon an indistinct path appears in the grassland between the beach and the links. (You can get to this same point from the car park by crossing back across the road where there is an indistinct path just to the left of the lighthouse grounds.) This is the start of a very pleasent stroll with a fine view of the coastline ahead and an occasional view of a dolphin or seal. At the right time of the year, early summer, poppies flower and there are huge fungi growing along the path. Eventual you approach the car park and club house of the golf club. Here turn left away from the coast, and follow the road past the club to a T junction. This is a relatively quite lane with speed control. At the T junction turn right along Ness Road. This is the road that leads back to the turn off on the main road.

Follow this road to the edge of the houses (just over 100 yards) and there is a green lane/path on your left. There are fields on your right (in 2007). Turn left and follow this path to the street named Wester Greengate. You now have two choices.

Extrordinary Light over the Moray, July 2007

Here you can take a slightly longer route and turn right and follow a green lane, initially between fields shortly uphill to the edge of Fortrose. This is a pleasent little town with places for a snack, grocery shops, a newsagent and interesting small shops. I would treat yourself to a snack, after all the sea air and a stroll is good for the appetite. Visit the ruins of the cathedral in a pleasent green space. This was effectively 'put out to pasture' by the Reformation and the inevitable loss of the lead roof. It dates from the end of the 13th century when the cathedral moved from Rosemarkie. There are also toilets on Station Road by the car park on the East side of town. Retrace your steps to Wester Greengate to continue the walk.


More extrordinary Light over the Moray, July 2007

Here you follow Wester Greengate south toward the sea and after a short distance the road turns inland. Continue along a shoreside path, watching for dolphins. This path will take you to the starting point. Download this walk here or try this longer walk for great views.

Allow a few hours with the detour to Fortrose.