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What is this site about

This is a small site about an area of the Black Isle in Scotland on the East coast and the Moray dolphins.

The East is quieter then the West, less rugged* but with a magic of its own. It is as if the land has been smeared out as it reaches the sea. The coastline has a beauty which is unique. Ok, you have to like solitude, history and nature to appreciate it at its best. You can visit tourist sites and mingle, but also walk areas accesibly but without tripping over enthusiastic yompers. The Black Isle is one such area. The region has its own microclimate, agriculture, coastline and nature. It is a great place to go dolphin spotting but it is worth spending some time there.

This website is to show you a little of Chanonry point, some links to dolphin sites, dolphin spotting in the Moray. There are a number sites with Moray dolphin information. I hope this site will add to these and extend the information. There are links to short walks and the walk presented on this siteis one you can do around the peninsular whilst waiting for those Moray dolphins. It is quite common to see seals there too.

My advice is to just go there.

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* Make no mistake, it is still very rugged in places.


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